At the Gentlemen’s Approach we are a Men’s Salon & Grooming Business with a focus to Inspire, Educate and instil Purpose within our Clients & Team while leading global Education for the fusion between barbering and hairdressing.


By providing a welcoming, comfortable and professional environment offering services such as face cleanses, scalp treatments, consultations & cutting we have been able to offer a new level of service quality within our industry.


Gentlemen’s Approach is committed to developing your knowledge, skills and passion for the Art form of hairdressing & barbering giving you more diversity and ability to offer your clients and team.

With a Barbershop/Men’s Salon, Private Studio & Hair Salon we have the ability to train in an intimate environment with 1on1 workshops or up to a class of 10. Our Stylists have worked as Hair Dressers & Barbers for a number of years with each having experience of between 5-16 Years.


We have local and International Stylists that have worked across Europe, USA, Australia & New Zealand. We travel for education and offer our services both in New Zealand and Internationally.


We are currently at Capacity until May 2020. Please send your enquiry to to be added to our waiting list.

Our workshops are tailored to suit your needs based on Skill & Experience.

  • A Consultation is required prior to booking to ensure the most effective and rewarding education is booked.
  • We have a diverse team and will select the best suited educator for your needs.
  • Booking is essential and is required 6 weeks in advance. A deposit will also be required.
  • Once a booking is confirmed we will supply a list of tools required for the relevant Workshop.

For pricing and enquires please contact for your tailored educational workshop by Gentlemen’s Approach.


Essential Fundamentals Workshop
(1 Day)

This Workshop will give you an insight into how we think, standards of service & professionalism along with fundamental skills and the mindset of success. Working with 2 models throughout the day we will demonstrate the Gentlemen’s Approach. Our Artists will inspire you whilst giving you an insight into Head Shapes, Sectioning Patterns, Fading, Scissor Work, Texturizing, Finishing & Core Principles.


Consultation & Education Workshop
(1 Day)

At Gentlemen’s Approach we believe that Consultation & Education is essential to each and every service. In this workshop you will gain a strong understanding of how to approach consultations successfully, gaining control & ensuring you become the Artist you want to be.

We will be delving deep in to mind set, approach, language, Hair, Skin, Scalp & Product Knowledge. Gentlemen’s Approach is the leading Salon in New Zealand for Consultations & Education resulting in Global Sales World Records.


Fundamentals of Long Hair, Shape & Balance Workshop
(2-4 Days)

Are you Struggling with long men’s hair? Finding it difficult to handle & control?

In this workshop we will share with you a range of skills and principles in order to have control over any length and hair type.

Understanding how long hair reacts to different techniques of cutting will be highlighted along with core shapes and adaptability.


Fundamentals of Short Hair, Shape, Texture, Fades and Balance
(2-4 Days)

This workshop has been designed to deepen your understanding of Men’s hair & how to adapt to different hair types & face shapes.

You will learn variations in methods & techniques to achieve your desired result. From straight to curly or thick to thin you will be exposed to a range of variables that will teach you the art of Shape, Balance & Adaptability.