Triumph & Disaster Stash Box + Complimentary Face Cleanse



Based upon an old apothecary set, the T&D ‘stash box’ is a one stop shop of shaving and skincare gold that makes an ideal grooming kit or gift set for a modern man. Stocked with a tube of Old Fashioned Shave Cream, a genuine Badger Hair Shave brush, Rock & Roll Suicide Face Scrub and Gameface Moisturiser, this Stash Box delivers the essentials in grooming.

Complimentary Face Cleanse

We start this service with a Hot Towel to soften the skin and open pores. Then using a Volcanic Ash Face Scrub by Triumph and Disaster we draw out the impurities of your skin. To finish we massage and clean the face with Triumph and Disaster Face Cleanser followed by a Steamed Towel. This 7 minute face cleanse will remove build up of unwanted material, cleaning out dirty pores and revealing the fresh layers of good skin. Leave our Barber Shop a healthy Gentlemen.

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